Stories involving agriculture and the environment were a huge portion of my work while in Iowa and Missouri.  Not a person in Burlington didn't know the orgins of Aldo Leopold, quite possibly the most influential conservationist of the 2oth century.  I opened a week of coverage of the Des Moines county fair with an article about 2015's Avian Influenza outbreak, which was preventing 4-hers from showing birds at the fair.


In 2014 I covered the Missouri River 340, a boat race spanning the length of the Missouri River from Kansas City to St. Charles.  The race also acted as a way to raise awareness for the treatment of river water, which was a huge issue in Iowa as well.  In Rolla, I created a short documentary about a hobbyist beekeeper and the impact of the honeybee on the environment.


Let's work together and preserve the sanctity of wild things.

Caryl Smith, niece to Aldo Leopold